Kenneth Eade Best selling author
Kenneth EadeBest selling author

Kenneth Eade                               Author of bestselling legal and political thrillers

"Kenneth Eade is one of our strongest thriller writers on the scene and the fact that he draws his stories from the contemporary phlisophical landscape is very much to his credit." Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 and Vine Voice Reviewer.

Don't just read a story, live it!


"Eade is not only a brilliant writer; he calls attention to the atrocities that surround us, hiding in our own closets.  Once you read an Eade thriller, you can only be eager for more."  Grady Harp,  Amazon Hall of Fame, Top 100 and Vine Voice



"Fans of Grisham will find equal talent here in Eade's ability to captivate and hold readers with the unexpected, both in character development and non-stop action.  In a world where plot and outcome are often predictable from the start, this will prove more than satisfying for readers already already well versed in the legal thriller format."  Midwest Book Review 



Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series

Death, law and in that order in Guantanamo Bay. Click here for more information.
Can "Too Big to Fail" get away with murder? Click here to find out.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Click here for more information on the #1 bestseller

Involuntary Spy Series

Exposing the truth marked Seth Rogan for murder
Seth Rogan, the involuntary spy, is back, this time to save his girlfriend, a Russian FSB agent being held captive in Ukraine
The homeowners association president is murdered and everyone is a suspect
Murder is a mouse click away
Homophobia turns deadly when a serial killer strike
A Freedom of Information Act case turns sour when the lawyer is accused of espionage

Other Novels

The year is 2020 and the world is on the brink of economic collapse. Can an absent minded professor and a 24 year old girl save us?


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Newest release of the Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series: A Freedom of Information Act case takes a tricky turn when Brent Marks and his client are charged with espionage
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