Kenneth Eade, best selling mystery, thriller & suspense author
Kenneth Eade, best sellingmystery, thriller & suspense author


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Kenneth Eade

Described by critics as "one of the strongest thriller writers on the scene," Author Kenneth Eade, best known for his political and legal thrillers, practiced law for 30 years before publishing his first novel, "An Involuntary Spy."  Eade, an up and coming author in the legal thriller and courtroom drama genre, has been described by critics as: "Brilliant when it comes to creating complicated, intriguing stories with mind-blowing surprises," who have said that his novels "will remind readers of John Grisham, proving that Kenneth Eade deserves to be put on the same lists with the world's greatest thriller authors."


Says Eade of the comparisons, "Readers compare me in style to John Grisham and, although there are some similarities, because John also likes to write about real topics and we are both lawyers, all my novels are rooted in reality, not fantasy."


Eade is the winner of the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards for best legal thriller, the 2016 winner of a bronze medal from Reader's Favorite Book Awards, and is a current quarter-finalist in the Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize for Fiction.  He has authored fourteen novels which have been translated into Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.  


Eade has authored three series: The Involuntary Spy Espionage Series, the Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series and the Paladine Counter-Terrorism series.   


Eade's writing career began in 2011, writing opinion pieces for the Los Angeles Daily Journal. Two of the articles centered on the subject of the unconstitutionality of the now defunct Monsanto Protection Act, and the dangers of genetically modified foods and neonicitinoid pesticides and their adverse effect on bees. This led to his first book, the non-fiction work, "Bless the Bees: The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What You Can Do to Stop It" in 2013, as well as the children's book, "Bee See: Who are our Pollinators and Why are They in Trouble?"  The peding extinction of the Monarch Butterfly by pesticidess led to the publication of "Save the Monarch Butterfly."





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