Bless the Bees

The possible extinction of bees was the inspiration for Kenneth Eade's book, "Bless the Bees," and Valentina Eade's enivorrnmental exhibition, "Bee Cause I Care" which debuted in Monaco in October 2014, where the exhibit was inaugerated by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.  Both the book and the exhibit are meant to bring awareness of the problems facing the bees, why they are important to us, and what any ordinary person can do to help save them.


"Bless the Bees: The Pending Extinction of our Pollinators and What You Can Do to Stop It," written by Kenneth Eade, and illustrated by Valentina Eade, can be considered a manifesto for the survival of bees. The pressing issue of bees' extinction is something that should concern the entire population of planet Earth, given that each and every individual's life depends on the fate of our bees. Were it for pollination to disappear, a whole natural cycle would be broken, and thereby our lives would change dramatically.  Jo Ammons, New York Book Examiner.

"Bless the Bees" is a formidable resource for anyone who is concerned or wants to learn more about the unclear future of bees as a species. This book is informative, well written, well-researched, and highly resourceful. I applaud the author Kenneth Eade for compiling such an excellent reference for readers. - A.C. Haury, Bibliophile Book Reviews
 This beautifully illustrated book should be read by each and every individual living on this planet as the fate of our bee population is of global concern. Without pollination a whole natural cycle would be broken, thus strongly impacting our lives." - Top Books Worth Reading

"The book suggests ways of `fighting back', from buying organic, avoiding GMOs, to working against the powerful chemical lobby and supporting conservation. Getting even more personal, the book takes the resolution to the problem directly into our homes and lets us know what each of us can do to reverse this tragedy.  This is a very important book and one that belongs in the hands of everyone who cares about ecology and the preservation of the bee population that in turn means the preservation of life as we know it on this planet." Grady Harp

Bee Cause I Care Exhibition with Kenneth Eade, Valentina Eade nd HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

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