Terror on Wall Street

100% chance of failure with hope on the horizon.


The year is 2020 and  the world is on the brink of economic collapse.  Can a group of "whiz kids" led by an absent minded professor and a 24 year old girl save us?  the crash of the stock market has created a rippling effect of disastrous proportions.  Banks have failed, people are rioting in cities, which are on fire.  Rolling blackouts have given way to entire system failures.  University of Chicago Professor Harry Mason, advisor to U.S. presidents and the Treasury Department, has gathered his dream team of "whiz kids," the brightest and the best graduate students in Economics, for a special laboratory workshop.  Their mission: to save the world.  Father and son team Gordon L. Eade and Kenneth Eade team up to give you a meta-fiction thriller designed to show how to survive the next crash.





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